Schloss Homburg: A Boy’s View of a German Castle Museum

Schloss Homburg by Hullie (GNU 1-2)


When we got there we got our tickets and went through an animal museum. There was shrews & all sorts of birds and a big badger. We even saw deer, foxes, and warthogs. Of course they were all stuffed.

Then we saw a room with dog collars, (spiked), and big fancy rifles. They also had a money press and drinking glasses. They had all kinds of hunting equipment nearby.

The “courtroom” that we saw next was cool (awesome). When we you entered you seefive swords but there was eight swords. Two big 2 handed swords were wierd [sic] looking. One was rippley at the blade. The other looked sharp. Inside a case was daggers, a crossbow & winch, and a sword with ^a hidden gun in it. We saw lots of battle axes and armor.

Schloss Homburg Armor by Hullie GNU (1.2)
Schloss Homburg Armor and Weapons, photo by Hullie.

Next we saw a kings room. There was a bed warmer, a reading desk, and a coverd [sic] bed. Then we saw middle classes. The horse equipment was spiked nose guards and metal saddls [sic].

The peasant room had mousetraps, weaving tools and other interesting things. A kitchen with a guard room and a jail nearby were in was included in my mom’s favorites.

Next we saw a museum with fossils and mineral rocks.

Schloss Homburg Postcard (reproduced for education purposes)
Photo duplication of a postcard from Schloss Homburg castle and museum, ca. 1986.

Featured Image: Schloss Homburg by Hullie (GNU 1.2)


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